About Traversa

Traversa has a different value proposition. We are senior-level, trusted advisors who use an integrated service delivery model to build lasting organizational capability.

Integrated expertise in Strategy-People-Execution is our unique differentiator.

Did you ever see a strategy that did not need people or execution capability? Have you ever had an execution plan that did not need a cogent strategy to direct it? Strategy + People + Execution = Organizational Performance and Results. Every company needs all three - though perhaps not to the same degree at the same time.

Every organization and circumstance is different - requiring a unique blend of expertise, tools and methods. Some companies have a well-crafted strategy based on strong competitive advantage, but perhaps have gaps in their leadership. Other companies have a well-developed execution capability, but lack a vision beyond the annual budget. In an 'Up Economy', you want to be sure that you have recognized the strategic opportunity, but as important, that you have the People and Execution capability to take advantage of it.

Our three practice areas contain deep subject matter and specialty expertise, but all Traversa consultants share a common framework and service delivery model with one central purpose: solving client problems for which internal capabilities do not exist. We solve client problems by drawing from prior experience, proven tools and methods. When internal capabilities are present - we leverage those, not duplicate them.

Traversa's senior level consultants quickly get to critical issues by drawing from 20+ years of experience. Every new challenge is unique - yet the same in some key elements that we have seen again and again. When we leave an engagement, there is some capability or learning that remains as an asset of the client - always.

Traversa' Strategy + People + Execution = more than the sum of the parts. We provide specialty expertise from our three practice areas to solve specific client problems when this is requested, but no matter how deep that subject matter expertise, every Traversa consultant shares this 'Triad' perspective linking all three legs of the stool.