Client Quotes

"Traversa provided the tools and guidance we needed to build a high-performance team that is intent on improving K-C's overall effectiveness."

Tom Falk
CEO,  Kimberly-Clark

"Traversa assisted me in revisiting our strategic plan and evaluating my new management team after I became CEO."

Ron R. Harper
CEO and General Manager Basin Electric Power Cooperative

"What a great partner Traversa has been in helping to transform the entire organization."

Kathryn Stoddard
EVP HR, Assurant Solutions



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Case Studies


Global Organizational Design

Working directly with the CEO, Board and Senior Management Team, Traversa completed a global strategic organizational design for this leading consumer products multinational.  We then delivered detailed tools, methods, training and guidance to internal development consultants and executives for the completion of design and implementation across the global organization.

Enterprise Strategy and
Business Priorities

We collaborated with the CEO and key business managers of a large independent local
exchange carrier to evaluate and refine the current corporate strategy, further focusing the company on growing existing businesses, acquiring new businesses, and divesting uncompetitive businesses. We then worked with every business unit in the company to develop their key initiatives.

Senior Management

Traversa rapidly assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the senior management team for a regional electric and gas utility through 1:1 interviews and state-of-the-art online surveying.  Results, recommendations and action plans closed key gaps in strategic priorities, management process, workplace relationships and conflict resolution.

Plan and Implement
Technology Infrastructure

Traversa assisted a leading web hosting company to plan and develop its technology
infrastructure while striving for 100% quality customer service and doing continuous
development.  Traversa helped guide the client through the closing of gaps and achieving sustained results.  Work was performed in parallel, and while maintaining, outstanding customer service  levels.