Helping companies make the right choices at the right times  

Companies need a clearly articulated corporate strategy that addresses the needs of customers, strategic partners, investors, and employees alike.  We help companies create powerful visions and strategic plans based on a rigorous, research-based process that identifies customer needs within the existing competitive environment

We also aid Senior Management Teams and Boards of Directors to translate their visions and strategic objectives into a defined set of focused strategic imperatives that guide the priority actions of the company.  In our experience, the vision, strategic plans, and strategic imperatives must all be created to take advantage of -- but not exceed --the organization's internal capabilities.
Traversa also helps Senior Management Teams create the functional business plans and personal performance plans that clearly articulate the resource requirements needed to implement the strategic imperatives while running the day-to-day business.  These plans must take into consideration and resolve competing demands on the people, finances, systems, processes, and other critical assets of the company.